What's the difference between a Class 2 and Class 3 product?

Class 2 scooters and powered wheelchairs are intended for use on the pavements only and have a maximum speed of 4mph and the product itself can’t weigh more than 113.4kgs.

These products don’t need to be registered with the DVLA. Class 3 products can go faster than 4mph, to a limit of 8mph. These can include scooters and powered wheelchairs that are intended for use on the road.

They have to be fitted with a device which limits their speed to 4mph on pavements, and the product itself can not weigh more than 150kgs. All Class 3 products need to be registered with the DVLA for road tax, we will arrange this when you choose your product.

Can I get a scooter or powered wheelchair even though I already lease a car through Motability?

You can’t have two Motability contracts at the same time, so if you have a Motability car you’ll have to wait for the contract to end before getting another Motability agreement which uses your allowance. You can not have both agreements running simultaneously.

Does my scooter come with any accessories? All scooters are provided with a choice of a rain cape or a storage cover. Many also come fitted with a basket as standard. Any additional accessories required can be arranged prior to deliver, and you can pay directly for these.

What does the Motability lease package include?

With Charterwood Mobility working in partnership with Motability, not only do you get the scooter or powered wheelchair of your choice, you get all the support and help you need from our friendly team of customer advisors. Will Motability take all of my allowance?

Only the Higher Rate Mobility Component is taken from your allowance, and most of the scooters and powered wheelchairs available cost less than this each week, so you could get some money back!

Does my scooter have to be registered with the DVLA and do I need a tax disc?

Only Class 3 products need to be registered with the DVLA who will provide you with road tax. The tax disc will need to be displayed at all times and is free to obtain.

Do I need a licence to drive a scooter?

Can I drive my scooter on the road?

Only Class 3 products are allowed to travel on the roads, and they need to be registered with the DVLA and fitted with the appropriate devices (e.g. lights, horn, indicators, rear reflectors etc.). Class 2 products can’t travel on roads, other than to cross them at appropriate points (e.g. a pedestrian crossing, traffic lights etc.). When out and about do not forget the Highway Code, which has a special section dedicated to scooters and powered wheelchairs (rules 36 – 46). Full details of this can be found on www.direct.gov.uk